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Why become a Ladyalpaga customer?

Becoming a Ladyalpaga customer is the guarantee of being unique by wearing handmade products that cannot be found elsewhere. Becoming a Ladyalpaga customer is the assurance of being followed before, during and after your purchase by our team. Becoming a Ladyalpaga customer means 100% secure payments and fast shipments.

Why are your Ponchos unique?

Our Ponchos are indeed unique because they are entirely handmade.

But the main advantage of our Poncho is that we are the only ones in the world to be able to offer you this style of Poncho! Take the test and you will see that they cannot be found on websites other than

What material are your Ponchos made of?

Resistant and of high quality, our Ponchos are made entirely of 100% alpaca fibre.

What is alpaca?

The alpaca is a domestic mammal of the camelid family, just like the llama, the dromedary or the camel.

Why is alpaca wool different from other wools?

Its wool obtained from its fleece is light and very insulating and allows our Ponchos to be extremely resistant.

Are your Alpacas being treated correctly?

All of our alpacas are raised and pampered outdoors.
They have a huge space inside our plains of Peru.
Their wool is collected with care and respect and we are uncompromising when it comes to the well-being of our animals.

How are your Ponchos washed?

All our ponchos are designed to machine wash delicate cycle as well as dry flat.
But for maximum safety, we recommend washing your Ponchos by hand.

Do the colors wash off?

No, the colors do not move and remain intact when washed, taking care to respect the delicate cycle.

Our entire Ponchos catalog is in one size, size M.

How to use the different combinations of our Ponchos?

Our ponchos offer you different possibilities, with the hood, as a scarf or on the shoulders.

Does the wool of your Ponchos sting and itch?

No, alpaca wool is a superior quality wool, due to its quality and warmth. Unlike conventional wool, alpaca wool does not cause any itching sensation.

Where do your Ponchos come from?

Our Ponchos come from Latin America and more precisely from Peru.

How are your Ponchos made?

Imagined then drawn, our Ponchos are then woven by hand in the purest Peruvian tradition. Love, know-how and tradition are the fruits of their production.


What means of payment does your site offer?

On Ladyalpaga you can pay for your purchases by Paypal, Visa Mastercard and many more.

What are your delivery times for shipments to Europe?

Our delivery times to European countries are generally 3 to 4 working days. This will depend on the location of the recipient and the carrier.

What are your delivery times for shipments to the United States?

Shipments to the United States will generally be handled by DELIVENGO and will take 7 to 8 business days.

My order is prepared in how long?

Our order preparation time is 1 day.

Can I track my order?

Absolutely, all our packages are delivered by Colissimo or by Mondial Relay and a tracking number will be sent to you in order to follow its delivery.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to ask us on